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4 teams who would be must at signing Saquon Barkley if Giants let him walk

4 teams who would be must at signing Saquon Barkley if Giants let him walk

4 teams who would be must at signing Saquon Barkley if Giants let him walk

Everyone is waiting to see what Saquon Barkley-related decision New York Giants general manager Joe Schoen will make. Will the two parties be able to agree on a multi-year contract for running back No. 26 or will the Giants ultimately tag the player? Saquon may no longer be of interest to the Giants, though we should find out soon.


If Saquon Barkley were to become a free agent, a number of teams would undoubtedly be eager to offer him a large contract.

#4 New England Patriots

For the New England Patriots, things haven't felt right ever since Tom Brady made the decision to leave town. Although the Pats have lost some of their previous dominance and haven't even come close to returning to the Super Bowl, Bill Belichick is still regarded as one of the best coaches of all time. They don't appear to have a very promising offensive future.


Barkley is the kind of playmaker who could enter the game and significantly alter the offense as a whole. Barkley exceeded 1,300 yards rushing and scored 10 touchdowns the previous season. His capacity to catch the ball and then turn up field for additional jaw-dropping plays is another quality that makes him so unique. Patriot may be a team to keep an eye on in this game with Barkley and the new offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien.

#3 Denver Broncos

2022 season was for the Denver Broncos was worse than you could imagine. When the AFC West side traded for Russell Wilson, fans have been waiting for a successful, winning season. The Broncos didn’t even sniff the playoffs. Everything that could have gone wrong for Denver last fall did, but things are already looking better now that Sean Payton has been hired as the team’s new head coach.


The next order of business is bringing in offensive help for Wilson and Barkley should be at the top of their list, if he hits free agency, that is. Barkley could be the explosive kind of player that the Broncos are missing. Wilson figures to bounce back next year, but he’ll need help.

#2 Buffalo Bills

It really felt like it was written in the stars for the Bills to break through and win the AFC this year. After losing to the Chiefs in back-to-back campaigns, this time it was the Cincinnati Bengals who destroyed their dreams. Now, the Bills are going to work on improving this team in the offseason. 


The Bills have some questions to answer in the coming months, most importantly regarding the future of Stefon Diggs. At running back, Devin Singletary is set to become a free agent, and he was on a cheap four-year deal. If the Bills are serious about trying to take down the Bengals or Chiefs in the playoffs next year, then they’d absolutely have to give Barkley a strong look.

#1 Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore is expected to sign Barkley if he decides to leave MetLife Stadium. Before the start of the season, there were rumors that Barkley would join the AFC North, much like the Bills. The Buccaneers were another team that might have been in the running, but now that Tom Brady has retired, everything is different.


Lamar Jackson is going to snap the big time with his new contract, and the Ravens need to make sure he has enough stars around him to try to get the team back to the Super Bowl. Saquon Barkley will give Jackson a dynamite player to work beside him. The Ravens are known more for their defensive power, but signing Barkley will add strength to the offense.


All of this may not make sense if the Giants and Barkley agree on a new contract this month. If Barkley is willing to play for $12-13 million a season, his future could be with the Giants. If he wants more money, however, things could get complicated for both him and NY.

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