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Top 5 Quarterbacks in 2024 NFL Draft

Top 5 Quarterbacks in 2024 NFL Draft

Top 5 Quarterbacks in 2024 NFL Draft


These five prospects should be closely monitored by NFL teams searching for a quarterback in the 2024 draft class.


#5. J.J. McCarthy, Michigan


Prior to the draft, McCarthy's status was at an all-time high after leading Michigan to a National Championship. Scouts will have several reasons to hold him out of the first round after reviewing his entire season with the Wolverines.

McCarthy possesses a terrific build and respectable arm strength, but in a few of games, he made incredibly bad decisions. GMs considering a high pick for the 6-foot-3 signal caller should especially watch his three-interception performance against Bowling Green.

McCarthy has a chance to become a good starter because he can flourish in play action, but he has too many flaws to be considered a great. He may be the most overvalued quarterback available in the draft this year.


#4. Michael Penix Jr., Washington

Penix appears to be the quarterback prospect in this year's draft class with the most variation. Despite failing to overcome Michigan in the championship game, he was incredibly effective in the remaining games of his college career.

Penix was not flawless in the movie, though. Despite having exceptional arm strength, he occasionally blasted the ball all over the field. To fully realize his enormous potential, he will need to work on his technique at the professional level.

Still, NFL evaluators prioritize physical attributes. Penix is a dangerous option, but his potential justifies a prominent ranking. It's not difficult to envision the gifted southpaw making it to the Pro Bowl.


#3. Drake Maye, North Carolina

There was speculation going into the season that Maye might go number one overall. Regretfully, he did not quite live up to the hype during his final season at North Carolina. Although he clearly possesses the arm talent to succeed in the NFL, there are significant concerns about his accuracy and decision-making that will keep him from being selected as the first quarterback.


More specifically, throughout his time in college, Maye struggled mightily to overcome quality man opposition. That is a glaring problem that he will have to go around at the next level. Additionally, he needs to be trained to avoid locking in with his main receiver. Though he's not as polished as coaches would like considering the possibility that he'll be a top-five overall choice, his problems are solvable.


#2. Jayden Daniels, LSU

Daniels performed more during his last collegiate season to improve his stock than any other quarterback on this list. His final season in Baton Rouge saw him repeatedly put LSU on his back. He went on to win the Heisman Trophy as a result, and he is now a great candidate to be selected as the second player overall on Draft Night.

Daniels is hardly a flawless candidate. Due to his extremely small physique, he is a high risk candidate for injuries. That's a particularly concerning issue considering Daniels' tendency to tuck the ball and run when he encounters blitzers approaching.

The good news is that when Daniels was blitzed, his passing statistics also increased. That demonstrates his ability to decipher opposing defenses and his right arm's combination of touch and power. He has a good potential of developing into a consistent Pro Bowl player if he maintains his health.


#1. Caleb Williams, USC


Williams is without a doubt the finest quarterback available in this year's draft class, regardless of whether he is a generational talent. Even though he didn't have much support from talented players at USC, he created a high percentage of explosive plays. In addition to having remarkable feel within and outside the pocket, he possesses outstanding arm strength.


Williams' detractors will rightfully point out that, during his collegiate career, he consistently went for the homerun play. It will be necessary to coach that out of him. For the NFL team that selects him first overall, it ought to be rather simple to fix. There should be no hesitation in selecting him as the first quarterback selected in this year's draft class since he has the talent to develop into a superstar.

4.5 / 8

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