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Top 8 rivalries when SEC football schedule format changes in 2024

Top 8 rivalries when SEC football schedule format changes in 2024

Top 9 rivalries when SEC football schedule format changes in 2024

Around 60 days remain until the Southeastern Conference's spring meetings in Destin, Florida, thus the football scheduling saga is likely to end in 60 days at most.


There will be some rivalries that were formerly yearly that will now be played on a rotating basis, and excitement is building for the announcement of each school's three annual opponents. All of this depends, of course, on the league making the anticipated conversion to a nine-game conference schedule and abandoning divisional play in favor of a system that rotates six opponents.

Alabama vs Auburn

The Iron Bowl would be the only game left standing if the ice under the feet of every other game in the league melted. I think of the term "cold day in Hell."


Texas vs Oklahoma

You don't recruit these two into your team just to destroy the Red River Showdown. Although it is unclear how many historical rivalries the SEC will revive for these two newcomers, their competition is a given.

Florida vs Georgia

Perhaps it leaves Jacksonville before a long time passes. Also, it's Halloween date—which has been played around that time for decades virtually without fail—might not hold. Yet because there isn't a more fierce border conflict in the league, it has lasting power.


Alabama vs Tennessee

The fact that both teams entered with top-10 rankings last year's game served as the ideal recall that this matchup is too important to mess with. It produced a thrilling victory to end UT's 15-year losing streak in the series.

Texas vs Texas A&M

These two have a grudge that will boost TV numbers across the Lone Star State. And when the series was abandoned after the Aggies left the Big 12 in 2012, it didn't precisely go away.


Georgia vs Auburn

It would be difficult to end what is known as the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry. The Bulldogs have won nine of the previous ten games and 15 of the previous 18, including an SECCG contest in 2017. It might be a seductive cut as a result, but this has too much history.


Alabama vs LSU

When UA coach Nick Saban disclosed that the game was a part of the league's initial plan for Alabama's three permanent opponents, any concerns about the matchup were dispelled. When both are strong competitors, it's impossible to lose.


Ole Miss vs Mississippi State

If they didn't have the opportunity to compete for Magnolia State boasting rights, these two wouldn't know what to do. Even though it may not be the greatest TV attraction, the SEC won't play games with a rivalry this natural.


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