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Top 5 Running Backs in 2024 NFL Draft

Top 5 Running Backs in 2024 NFL Draft

Top 5 Running Backs in 2024 NFL Draft


At running back, there isn't a highly valued player like there was in previous years, such as Bijan Robinson or Jahmyr Gibbs. There is a ton of talent at running back in this year's draft, and some of them will be excellent additions to their new teams, so it doesn't matter if one isn't chosen in the first round. 


In the upcoming seasons, these players will help their teams win games, whether or not they are the star running back for their club. Just review a few recent drafts. Kyren Williams, who finished third in the league in rushing this season, was chosen by the Los Angeles Rams in the fifth round. The Buffalo Bills selected James Cook in the late second round; in 2023, he was fourth in rushing. After being selected in the seventh round, Isiah Pacheco has been instrumental in the Kansas City Chiefs' previous two Super Bowl victories.

The top five running backs in the 2024 NFL Draft are about to be discussed.


#5. Jaylen Wright - Tennessee


Wright led the Volunteers in rushes each of the previous two seasons and was selected to the second team of the SEC in 2023. However, his ability to hit home runs is what I truly adore about his game. He also moves faster than the tape. 

Wright is also testing favorably. At the combine, he recorded a 4.38 40-yard time, which is fantastic and a point in his cap (second among running backs). In actuality, though, it serves to confirm what the tape depicts. You can see that he can hit a home run by watching him run. I adore how fast he is.


Throughout his undergraduate career, he consistently demonstrated his ability to hit home runs. Two of his three touchdown runs of more than 75 yards came against SEC opponents. Not to belittle other leagues, but in SEC games, players move really quickly on the field. Wright was able to split out and produce huge plays, though. That would be extremely beneficial to an NFL squad. 


#4. Bucky Irving - Oregon

Irving is an amazing athlete. Following consecutive seasons with 1,000 running yards, he was selected to the first team of the Pac 12 in 2023.

The best quality in Irving, in my opinion, is his ability to catch passes out of the backfield. Like all of these men, he's an excellent runner, but in 2023 he had the most receptions of any FBS running back (56). Take a look at the NFL's current situation. Why is the great Bijan Robinson? What makes Jahmyr Gibbs so talented? Why is Christian McCaffrey regarded as the sport's finest skill-position player? That's because each of those players is capable of catching passes out of the backfield. Irving is a threat out of the backfield when he catches the ball, but he can do anything in between the tackles. 

The largest criticism of Irving is undoubtedly his size, yet he is dependable. Throughout his 475 carries in college, he only lost one fumble, which is impressive for someone who is frequently the shortest player on the field. The capacity of the event to mend bonds between prospects is one of the reasons it serves a purpose, as I said last week when I revealed my combine takeaways and winners. Irving is superior to Wright because of his ball security. 

#3. Jonathon Brooks - Texas

Of these top five running backs, Brooks is the most like Robinson, Gibbs, and McCaffrey. He is a real threat when catching passes out of the backfield and is highly dynamic when rushing the football. It took us just a single season to realize what a fantastic talent Brooks is.

I believe that Brooks would have been the best running back in the class if he hadn't torn his ACL late in the season. However, you also need to consider Brooks's evaluation in addition to that injury. He can hit a home run, is an excellent pass catcher out of the backfield, and he just about managed to reach 200 rush attempts. Numerous other guys possess two or three times that amount. 

Brooks possesses excellent instincts; he can find the end zone (11 total touchdowns in 2023) and gather yards (1,425 yards from scrimmage in 10 games last season). In addition, he is a capable leader. He'll be a huge asset to whichever team selects him. 

#2. Blake Corum - Michigan

Corum did a fantastic job in the combine, both in terms of performance and testing. Not to worry, his tape speaks for itself. However, this is the exact opposite viewpoint of Brooks' assessment. Corum may have cause for concern because he has 675 career carries in college. 

Looking at what Corum excels in, it's clear that he will succeed given the correct framework. He has that tiny glide stride that he uses to get to the line of scrimmage. He is an extremely smooth runner. He excelled in zone, solo, and gap systems. 

Corum is a versatile athlete. He does a great job catching it out of the backfield. His reception totals may not wow you, but nobody at Michigan did, as the Wolverines just did not throw the ball enough. 

In addition, Corum is an amazing leader and a selfless individual who returned for a second season to win a national championship. He was the team's driving force and the reason it went 15-0 to secure a national championship. He personified the team's collective demeanor, work ethic, and selflessness. 

All of those factors make Corum a legitimate NFL success story. 

#1. Trey Benson - Florida State


I had a tremendously difficult time getting over Benson's mix of stature and speed. He weighs 216 pounds, is 6 feet tall, and his 40-yard sprint time was 4.39. When I see that, I become excited. 

Benson has the potential to excel as an NFL running back. Having run for 6.1 yards per carry in each of the previous two seasons, he was named to the second team of the ACC in 2023. The testing agrees with the footage because his 40-yard time was the third fastest of all the running backs at the combine.

Benson can also catch the ball coming out of the backfield. However, his physical characteristics are what really make him stand out and offer him a very high ceiling. I like his idea. Benson can occasionally be a little erect, but taller running backs like Derrick Henry typically exhibit this trait. He's demonstrated that playing upright can be done at a higher level, and I'm not attempting to draw comparisons with Henry. The NFL will benefit from his style. 

4.4 / 7

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