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3 players Green Bay Packers could trade in 2023 offseason

3 players Green Bay Packers could trade in 2023 offseason

3 players Green Bay Packers could trade in 2023 offseason

Should the Packers go all-in for the 2023 season or if investing for the long term is the wiser course of action depends on Aaron Rodgers' future.


These are three players that Green Bay might trade in the upcoming months bearing that in mind.

David Bakhtiari, Offensive Tackle

Trading The most unlikely possibility is David Bakhtiari. No matter who the quarterback is, Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst said he wants Bakhtiari back. The only factor that could make it a possibility is money.


Green Bay might make room by moving Bakhtiari because to its tight cap space. Trading Bakhtiari before to June 1 would generate $5.72 million, according to Over The Cap. They would save $17.29 million after June 1st.


This season, Bakhtiari proved that he is still capable of playing at an All-Pro level. He tied for first place among all tackles in pass block win rate, according to ESPN. Bakhtiari might be traded if the Packers need to free up cap space and begin a rebuild.

Aaron Rodgers, Quarterback

Aaron Rodgers must initially determine if he wants to continue playing in 2023. If so, then this possibility actually exists. According to league insiders, the team would prefer to replace Rodgers. Hence, it appears like a trade is totally feasible if Rodgers wants to keep playing.


Rodgers is still capable of playing well. Rodgers should search for the finest win-now location, much like when Tom Brady joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020 and instantly won a Super Bowl.


It's possible that the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets need new quarterbacks. Their roster is excellent. Both teams would become AFC contenders if they had Rodgers. The best outcome for everyone might be a trade for Rodgers.


The Packers' options are limited due to their lack of cap room. With an 8-9 record this year, they weren't good enough. As Green Bay gets to rehabilitate, Rodgers can compete for a Super Bowl with a trade.

Jordan Love, Quarterback

Aaron Rodgers could retire or be traded, but what if he decides to stay in Green Bay? That's an additional option.


Jordan Love would be in a difficult situation if Aaron Rodgers decided to stay with the Packers for another season. In 2024, he would begin the last year of his rookie deal. Did the Packers intend to exercise his fifth-year option?


Love would be perfectly entitled to ask for a swap. He has been patiently waiting for three seasons for a chance. When he replaced an injured Rodgers against the Philadelphia Eagles, he did admirably.


He will seek a start sometime in the future. A move to another city might make sense if Green Bay couldn't provide that. So it appears as though the two will have to decide on this. The Packers should trade Love if Rodgers stays. They ought to trade Rodgers if they intend to advance Love.

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