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Top 5 most intriguing games on the Las Vegas Raiders' 2023 schedule

Top 5 most intriguing games on the Las Vegas Raiders' 2023 schedule

Top 5 most intriguing games on the Las Vegas Raiders' 2023 schedule

There is much to explore now that the Raiders schedule is available.


Not every game is made equally. In a season of 17 games, each one might be seen as a must-win. However, some you simply have to see. The top five for the Raiders this year are as follows:

#5. Week 1 at Denver Broncos

The Raiders host their ferocious rival Broncos to start the season. That ought to be enough, but the drama is increased by Sean Payton's first game in charge of the Broncos. Russell Wilson was once compared to Drew Brees, who played for Payton and had a Hall of Fame career. Or if Wilson's career keeps losing ground after having his worst season ever. You can bet that when Payton returns to coaching after a season away, he'll have plenty of tricks in his sleeve.



#4. Week 2 at Buffalo Bills

The Raiders won't play a tougher opponent besides the Chiefs. The Bills finished second in the NFL in both points scored AND points allowed the previous season. and finished with the second-best record in the league. Josh Allen is the toughest quarterback in the AFC West, and we've been talking about how tough they are


#3. Week 4 at Chargers

Tyree Wilson was selected by the Raiders at pick number seven overall, according to general manager Dave Ziegler, in part because he would have to play quarterbacks like Justin Herbert and Patrick Mahomes twice a year. Herbert will go first as the Chargers selected Quentin Johnston at pick 21 overall in this year's selection, giving Herbert access to another receiver. Just to remind you, he still has Mike Williams and Keenan Allen. The 2021 season finale upset and the 2022 season opener are just two of the fantastic games these two clubs have given us in recent years.


#2. Week 6 vs New England Patriots

For the second straight season, the Patriots play in Las Vegas. Last year, the Raiders were able to take victory from the jaws of defeat thanks to a fluke play by Patriots receiver Jakobi Meyers at the very end. This only lost them a higher draft pick, but it made for an entertaining conclusion to a hard-fought game.


Meyers has joined the Raiders this season. along with several other ex-Patriots athletes, including quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. They also join a large group of other ex-Patriots, such as general manager Davie Ziegler and head coach Josh McDaniels. Therefore, Bill Belichick and the crew are returning to Patriots West for a second time.


#1. Week 10 vs New York Jets (SNF)

On Sunday Night Football, Aaron Rodgers will go to Las Vegas for the first time to take on the Raiders. In three encounters as the Packers quarterback, the Cal grad has never lost to the Raiders. As the Raiders parted ways with Derek Carr this summer, many had anticipated the future Hall of Famer would sign with the team. But in the end, he was traded to the Jets after his retreat into the shadows left everyone in suspense for months. He now travels to Las Vegas as a rival.


The Jets also present a challenging battle for the Raiders' newcomers, quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, wide receiver Jakobi Meyers, and tight end Michael Mayer, who had the fourth-ranked defense in the league in terms of yards and points allowed last season.

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