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Top 5 Miami Dolphins players from 2022 NFL season

Top 5 Miami Dolphins players from 2022 NFL season

Top 5 Miami Dolphins players from 2022 season

It is difficult to imagine that the Miami Dolphins didn't accomplish more than just a Wild Card berth when looking at the team's 2022 roster from top to bottom. Both teams had a tonne of potential, and the season could have ended much more successfully than with a sluggish 9-8 record had the players been able to stay healthy.


The Miami Dolphins' five players with the top 2022 season performances are shown below:

#5. Zach Sieler, Defensive Tackle

On the Dolphins' roster, Zach Sieler is arguably the most underappreciated player. Christian Wilkins, his running partner, receives the statistics and the "Mic'd Up" attention, but Sieler is frequently just as dominant. He recorded seven tackles for loss, 12 quarterback hits, and was sixth on the team in overall tackles. Along with having two fumbles caused, his scoop-and-score against Josh Allen and the Bills in the playoffs was one of the biggest plays of the year.

#.4 Tua Tagovailoa, Quarterback

Given his tremendous periods of play and his MVP candidature that lasted until Week 14, some people will argue that Tua Tagovailoa ought to have ranked higher on our list. Given the injuries, the losing streak, and the three interceptions against the Packers in the fourth quarter, some people won't think he belongs on this list at all. Personally, I subscribe to the notion that getting hurt is not your fault, and I think Tua's presence helped the Dolphins achieve their level of success. They undoubtedly would have won that Wild Card game in Buffalo.

#3. Jaylen Waddle, Wide Receiver

Jaylen Waddle had a great year despite having a poor performance in the Wild Card game against the Bills. He was the second wide receiver on the depth chart. He managed to accumulate 1,356 yards in 17 games despite receiving 29 fewer passes than he did in his rookie season. This gave him an average of 18.1 yards per grab, which was sufficient to lead the whole league.

#2. Christian Wilkins, Defensive Tackle

Although it took him a few years to establish himself as a great player, Christian Wilkins has now arrived. The fourth-year defensive lineman not only had the most tackles in the NFL since 1994—98—but also led the league at his position. He recorded 21 tackles and three tackles for loss in back-to-back games against the 49ers and Chargers during his best two-game span. Miami would be wise to pay their native player, Wilkins, who will shortly be eligible for a new contract.

#1. Tyreek Hill, Wide Receiver

It is difficult to argue that anyone will be more crucial for the Dolphins in 2022 than Tyreek Hill, given his usage and output. In contrast to expectations, the man who switched from receiving passes from Patrick Mahomes to Tua Tagovailoa had a career year. For the first time ever, Hill averaged over 100 yards per game, and his 1,710 receiving yards were more than 200 higher than his previous career high. His 119 catches were also a record for him. He was selected for the Pro Bowl and the First Team All-Pro.

5.0 / 6

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