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Top 5 Los Angeles Chargers 2023 NFL Draft Targets

Top 5 Los Angeles Chargers 2023 NFL Draft Targets

Top 5 Los Angeles Chargers 2023 NFL Draft Targets

It's never too early to take a look at possible Chargers NFL Draft targets, even though March has just begun. It's critical that Los Angeles get these picks and begins assembling a group that can compete with the best teams in the AFC since Justin Herbert's rookie deal is about to expire.


For the sake of this essay, I concentrated on players who could potentially still be available when the Chargers are in the market. While a lot may change between now and April, it is generally anticipated that every player mentioned will drop off the board around the time the Chargers are scheduled to make their selection.

#5. Siaki Ika – DL, Baylor

The Chargers' final draft target is a traditional player. Siaki Ika would undoubtedly be a top-15 pick if he had entered the NFL 30 years earlier. The Baylor product is absolutely unbeatable in the trenches, acting as an immovable force in the middle of the defensive line.
He consistently destroys interior run lanes and devours double teams like they're nothing. In 2022, the Chargers' run defense was atrocious, so it's simple to see how Ika could change that right away. Sadly, he isn't very effective as a pass rusher, and in this day and age, it's difficult to justify spending a first-round pick on a player who prefers to run. He is a no-brainer if the second falls to him. The Chargers should presumably consider a more influential position in the first round, though.

#4. Michael Mayer – TE, Notre Dame

Justin Herbert needs another trustworthy passing weapon, as was already mentioned. Although a wide receiver would be ideal, it's difficult to turn down a player of Michael Mayer's caliber. Kyle Pitts, I'm sorry, but the junior out of Notre Dame may be the best tight end prospect to enter the NFL in years. He's also one of the few tight ends who might be able to contribute on Day 1 of the draft.


Similar to an early-career Zach Ertz, he is a superb chain mover with a nose for getting open versus man and zone coverages despite lacking the exceptional breakaway speed of players like Travis Kelce. He can also compete as a blocker, which means he is more than just a glorified receiver.

#3. Joey Porter Jr – CB, Penn State

In 2022, things didn't go well for the JC Jackson project. The Chargers shouldn't put too much stock in the former Patriot turning things around in Year 2, even though it's absolutely possible. When Patrick Mahomes plays in your division, you need strong corners who can intimidate receivers, and Porter, who stands 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 248 pounds, is excellent in press-man coverage. The Penn State product should greatly strengthen the Los Angeles secondary because he has the ideal build for the position.

#2. Anton Harrison – OT, Oklahoma

Rashawn Slater and Jamaree Salyer are two solid offensive tackles for the Chargers, at least on paper. An offensive line is only as strong as its weakest link, and in today's pass-heavy NFL, you actually need three starting-caliber tackles to make it through a season, as anyone who watched the 2022 iteration of the team knows.

The Chargers' second-most important player is the one who is in charge of making sure Justin Herbert doesn't get hurt because Herbert is by far the most crucial player on the team. Anton Harrison has incredibly fluid footwork, which enables him to match speed rushers and protect his quarterback during long-developing throw plays. He won't single-handedly sabotage any plays, but he isn't a road-grader in the run game either. That is the kind of tackle you want on your squad in the modern NFL.

#1. Jordan Addison – WR, USC

The Chargers have a frightening lack of depth at the wide receiver position. Although Keenan Allen and Mike Williams make an excellent team, the 2022 season demonstrated that Los Angeles will struggle if either player is out for an extended amount of time. Allen is entering his age-31 season and is considerably closer to the conclusion of his career than the beginning, even if you could magically promise a clean bill of health for both players.


Jordan Addison now enters. For those who missed the article, Jordan Addison is a fantastic route runner with a strong analytic profile, suggesting he will be able to help right away. We have already discussed Addison's potential fit with the Chargers. Addison's skill set makes him a natural choice to succeed Keenan Allen when the seasoned Charger eventually approaches the end of his career. Pairing Addison will give the Chargers a lethal three-headed receiving room in the short term.


5.0 / 6

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