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Top 5 cornerbacks Dallas Cowboys could target in 2023 draft

Top 5 cornerbacks Dallas Cowboys could target in 2023 draft

Top 5 cornerbacks Dallas Cowboys could target in 2023 draft

Dallas will need to pay attention to the defensive side of the game even though most attention is focused on enhancing the offense. Even if re-signed, many starters need new contracts as more talent is required to maintain this team at the top of the league.


Starting corner is Dan Quinn's team's biggest unanswered issue. Trevon Diggs is a lock to be the starter, and Daron Bland has established himself as a long-term starter, but Dallas was forced to improvise when Anthony Brown's injury terminated his average season. The best five corners Dallas should focus on in April are listed below.

#5. Joey Porter Jr., 6-foot-2, 195 pounds, Penn State

Porter Jr., the son of legendary Pittsburgh Steelers player Joey Porter Sr., is strikingly identical to Ringo in that he has the physique of a box safety and the athleticism of a deep threat wideout. He is a long, quick corner with a skill set that is comparable to some of the best in the game, but his consistency is lacking. Despite his length, Porter Jr. battles to shed blocks and lacks the instincts necessary to play in the zone. 


In press man and at the point of attack, Porter Jr., a tall and athletic cornerback, understands how to make the most of his skills. He has the ability to develop into an All-Pro caliber corner if he can work on his consistency while Quinn uses him in specific concepts.

#4. Kelee Ringo, 6-foot-2, 205 pounds, Georgia

Cornerback1 for back-to-back national championship Georgia, Ringo has been hyped since high school. As a former five-star recruit, he is one of the most athletically gifted corners in the nation, at the professional or collegiate level. Ringo is built like a safety but has the straight line speed to keep up with almost every blazer in the league.


His size and speed may impress but this freakish combination leads to some deficiencies. He struggles to move laterally and lacks physicality in the run game and press. 

#3. Cam Smith, 6-foot, 188 pounds, South Carolina

Smith is a skinny, jittery corner who plays with conviction, aggression, and finesse. His instincts and ball abilities are his calling card. He can be sticky in man situations thanks to his quick feet and fluid hip transition, but his keen eyes and exceptional play-reading skills make him stand out in zone defense.


Smith's weakness is simply that he occasionally displays a little too much enthusiasm. His competitiveness is a benefit despite the fact that this can result in missed tackles and the odd DPI call in coverage.  Smith provides CB1 Trevon Diggs with a slightly different approach, similar to Witherspoon. Smith would go up against the quicker, smaller receivers on the opposing side, while Diggs would go up against the bigger players. 

#2. Devon Witherspoon, 6-foot, 180 pounds, Illinois

Witherspoon has just risen to prominence in a competitive corner class, and rightfully so. He is one of the more technically adept players in the group, and he has assured, instinctive eyes that help him play with NFL-caliber ball production in both man and zone coverages.

Although Witherspoon is not the tallest or fastest player, he elevates inside-out versatility and smooth lateral mobility. Along with Trevon Diggs and Daron Bland, his physicality and willingness at the catch point and when tackling would make a fantastic trio. Although he might not suit the Quinn-preferred archetype, his skill set should be sufficient to change people's minds.

#1. Christian Gonzalez, 6-foot-2, 200 pounds, Oregon

Gonzalez played for Colorado for his first two seasons before switching to Oregon. Gonzalez significantly raised his level of play during this change in surroundings, especially in the area of ball skills.


In his first two seasons, he had zero interceptions but five passes defensed; at Oregon, he advanced to four interceptions with six pass defenses. Although he has made enough progress to turn a weakness into a strength, there is still potential for growth.


Gonzalez has demonstrated that he is at ease in the zone and reflects well in a man. He is a tough and courageous tackler in the run game, rarely hesitating to lay the wood. His stature and athleticism, however, are the aspects of his game that stand out the most. He has the length and size that DC Dan Quinn covets from his corners, but he also has incredible speed and the capacity to leap through ceilings.


Gonzalez is similar to Trevon Diggs in many aspects, being a long, rangy ball-hawk who occasionally gets caught being overly aggressive or cautious while attacking the ball or receiver. These tendencies occasionally result in big plays for the offense, but there is reason to think that other offenses would find it difficult to consistently avoid Diggs and benefit from his success.


5.0 / 6

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