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Top 4 most intriguing games on the Detroit Lions' 2023 schedule

Top 4 most intriguing games on the Detroit Lions' 2023 schedule

Top 4 most intriguing games on the Detroit Lions' 2023 schedule

The day when all 32 clubs disclose their schedules is one of the biggest in the NFL offseason. It's a day that serves as a reminder that football season is approaching, but we all realize that we still have to get through the summer before we start watching football every week.


The strength of schedule for the Lions' opponents is ranked 19th in the NFL, with a win percentage of.495, according to the NFL. That has already created a lot of discussion about the Lions' potential to win the division and make a strong postseason run.

#4. Week 15 vs. Denver Broncos

Recall how everyone thought the Lions' game against the Panthers last season was a trap? This game has the potential to be exactly that. The Denver Broncos could undoubtedly improve from the previous season if Russell Wilson performs significantly better. With Sean Payton as his coach, I would imagine that to be the case, but we'll have to wait and see.


Nevertheless, given that it comes before a crucial final three-game run for Detroit, this game is just as significant as any other. To finish the season, the Lions play the Cowboys and the Vikings twice. Two of those three contests are away as well. Therefore, a victory in this matchup will be essential for the Lions' chances of winning the division and making the playoffs.


#3. Week 10 @ Los Angeles Chargers

You may argue that the game on Monday night against the Raiders is more crucial, but I'm choosing this one for a number of reasons. To begin with, it's the Lions' first match following a bye week. They should be well-rested, and the Lions started getting significant contributions from their rookies at this stage of the previous season. The draft class of this year might experience the same thing.


The Lions must find a way to win this game, which is another difficult one on the road. Even though quarterback Justin Herbert's offense won't be an easy matchup for the Lions, they should have a shot. At this time in the season, if everything goes according to plan, the Lions offense ought to be clicking, and we ought to watch them battle their way to a victory.


#2. Week 4 @ Green Bay Packers

Although I nearly chose the Thanksgiving game against the Packers, I'll choose the early-season clash between the two clubs. It was crucial last time around when the Lions played spoiler on the road against the Packers.


In addition to being a divisional matchup, the Lions need to aim to win as many away games as they can. They have an unfavourable road schedule, particularly before their Week 9 bye. Before the bye week, the Lions must find a way to defeat the Chiefs, Packers, Buccaneers, and Ravens on the road.


Of course, we'll find out in Week 1, but winning at Lambeau Field following two straight home games against the Packers may make all the difference.


#1. Week 2 vs. Seattle Seahawks

In the NFL, we all know that every game counts, but let's face it: the home opener always matters. The Lions will be returning home after opening the season on the road against the Kansas City Chiefs, which is why this game is so crucial. It will be crucial to secure a win in this situation regardless of whether they defeat the Chiefs or not.


Ten days will be given to the Lions to get ready for the Seahawks. That alone ought to put them ahead of any team that plays its home opener. This contest might also be seen as the Lions' opportunity for atonement.

The Seahawks defeated the Rams at the end of the year to eliminate Detroit from the playoffs after the Lions fell to them in Week 4 of the previous campaign. Add to that the fact that Ford Field will be rocking for the season's opening home game. The second game of the season looks to be exciting.

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