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The top 5 options for Chicago Bears' backup quarterback this offseason

The top 5 options for Chicago Bears' backup quarterback this offseason

5 options for Chicago Bears' backup quarterback this offseason

Regarding their backup quarterback, the Chicago Bears will need to reconsider their strategy. They acquired Trevor Siemian and Nathan Peterman last year. The crew enjoyed them in the meeting rooms, which was wonderful news. The bad news was that neither of them thought they could run Justin Fields' offense effectively.


Fields' injury forced a significant alteration in the offense. You don't want to do that. The better choice would be to add a backup who can take over and pick up Justin Fields' offense. Who are some of this plan's best alternatives?

#5. Marcus Mariota, Atlanta Falcons

Marcus Mariota is currently under contract with the Atlanta Falcons, but it is anticipated that they would release him after benching him this year. Mariota was shocked by the news, but it ought to serve as a wake-up call that he won't be the starting quarterback in the upcoming season.


Now he needs to find a backup employment. Behind Justin Fields and the Chicago Bears would be the ideal position. Marcus Mariota and Justin Fields were two quarterbacks who made the most intentional rush attempts. Although it wasn't the same crime, it was undoubtedly similar. The team could use Mariota and operate the same offense they did with Justin Fields if they had a summer to prepare.


Mariota is aware that Fields missed time this year due to two different ailments. Even though he might not start again, he might realize that backing up a player like Justin Fields gives him the best chance to start.

#4. Tyler Huntley, Baltimore Ravens

Regarding its quarterback, the Baltimore Ravens will be an exciting team. This off-season, Lamar Jackson and Tyler Huntley will both be available as free agents. At the very least, they have Huntley as a restricted free agent and will probably tag Lamar Jackson. In addition, they might tag Huntley, necessitating a pick exchange for the Chicago Bears to acquire him.


If that is the case, it is most likely not going to happen, but given that he is currently a free agency, the Chicago Bears must be interested. Given that the Bears were adapting plays from the Ravens' playbook to fit Justin Fields' approach, Huntley would certainly be a perfect fit.


Huntley has eight starts in the regular season and one in the playoffs. This team would benefit from the experience. The only problem is that over the previous two seasons, the Ravens have a 3-6 record when Huntley starts and a 15-9 record when Lamar Jackson does. Huntley is a fantastic backup, but the organization is fixated on maintaining Lamar Jackson, thus there is a reason he is only a backup. It's time to move on if they tender him and draft picks are required.

#3. P.J. Walker, Carolina Panthers

Moreover, P.J. Walker is a restricted free agent. Walker joined the Carolina Panthers because Matt Rhule was his college coach. Last year, the Panthers gave him a chance but benched him. They now have a new coach, who is a well-known expert on quarterbacks and will be bringing in his own players. This offseason, they won't feel bad about letting P.J. Walker go.


The Chicago Bears might find it to be the perfect fit. The Panthers are 4-3, and Walker has made seven career starts. Keep the ship afloat is all you need from a backup. In his first 56 attempts as a rookie in 2020, he has thrown five interceptions, but after that, his completion percentage increased and his interception rate decreased.


Despite that, we have witnessed his success in the USFL, albeit it is evident that this does not guarantee he will be a successful NFL player. All of this nevertheless indicates proficiency. He began in the NFL, improved, won a spring league, and of course, he fits the bill stylistically. Walker, a backup who can assist Justin Fields in the boardroom and, if necessary, fill in for a game or two without the offense changing, had six rushes for 39 yards last season.

#2. Joshua Dobbs, Tennessee Titans

Joshua Dobbs should have been targeted sooner by the Chicago Bears, who will now simply hope to sign him. Dobbs signed with the Tennessee Titans after being called up from the Detroit Lions practice squad.


They recently lost Ryan Tannehill, who was slated to serve as Malik Willis' back-up. Willis proved this season that he needed at least a year on the bench, as everyone had predicted. So when things got very bad, the squad turned to Joshua Dobbs. They undoubtedly lost a resemblance of a playoff game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, and their season ended abruptly with a collapse.`


Nonetheless, Joshua Dobbs' performance against a playoff team like the Jaguars was commendable for someone who had only been signed two weeks earlier. Dobbs has a reputation for being intelligent and perceptive. Ben Roethlisberger frequently extolled the virtues of his backup abilities. He certainly possesses the mobility to complement a Justin Fields offense, and he could support Fields in the boardrooms. If given the chance, he might fare better in Chicago than during his brief stay in Tennessee. This one should be dominated by the Chicago Bears.

#1. Dorian Thompson-Robinson, UCLA, Draft 2023

If the Chicago Bears are unable to find a suitable backup, they should hold off on signing anyone. One person they ought to pay attention to is UCLA's Dorian Thompson-Robinson. He is a senior in his fifth year and has improved each year. He also offers movement, which is important for this offense.


Not only would Dorian Thompson-Robinson be a fantastic fit monetarily, but also stylistically. He would be committed to a four-year contract at rookie salary levels. So, that will undoubtedly earn less than any of these other options. From there, they have a younger component that can be developed beyond his current state.


Of course, he may also turn out to be a total dud, but you already know what the others are capable of. DTR tends to polarize people, and his judgment can be called into question on the field. He is almost without a doubt a Day 3 pick.


Even still, the Chicago Bears do not want to invest a serious pick on him despite the fact that he was by far the greatest quarterback at the Shrine Bowl. They hope to receive a shot on day three. In light of this, the Chicago Bears' greatest scenario would be DTR supporting Justin Fields and having a young, affordable pair of players with whom to move forward.

5.0 / 6

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