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Louisville Cardinals Football: 3 Second-Year Players Poised for Stardom in 2023

Louisville Cardinals Football: 3 Second-Year Players Poised for Stardom in 2023

Louisville Football: 3 Second-Year Players Poised for Stardom in 2023

This summer has seen a lot of changes in Louisville football, including Scott Satterfield leaving for Cincinnati and Jeff Brohm replacing him as the team's head coach.


In Brohm's first season as head coach, the Cardinals will look to some second-year players to help them rebound from a rather disastrous 2022 campaign. Here are a few top 2022 recruits who might be stars for Louisville in 2023.

#3 Chris Bell, Wide Receiver

With Louisville's 2022 recruiting class, Chris Bell was the top-ranked receiver, but as a freshman, he made the most impression on the group. During the 2022 class, the Cardinals had Devaughn Mortimer, a four-star, and Chance Morrow and Maurice Turner, all three-stars, to deal with. But, Bell distinguished himself above that strong bunch and secured some significant playing time.


Bell has 105 yards on seven receptions in nine games to finish sixth on the squad. Although it wasn't the most fruitful season, he did demonstrate some of his potential. Additionally, Jeff Brohm has a history of creating exceptional receivers from the ranks of the underdogs, and Bell fits that description.

#2 Popeye Williams, Edge

Popeye Williams didn't play much for Louisville last season, but you can bet Jeff Brohm will use the former top-200 edge rusher more this year than Scott Satterfield did before he left. In order to turn Louisville around and back in the right direction, Brohm will make use of all of the best players on the team, and Williams fits that description.


Williams intended to contribute immediately away after enrolling at Louisville as the No. 180 recruit nationwide and the 17th-best edge rusher, but he only appeared in six games and registered three total tackles. Although it's difficult for rookies to become stars, he didn't quite have the impact that he or anyone else had anticipated.

He is simply too skilled to be off the field for an extended period of time.

#1 Maurice Turner, Running Back

Maurice Turner, who was ranked as the No. 146 receiver in the country, wasn't exactly Louisville's top recruit in the usual 2022 class, but he had one of the biggest effects of any rookie.


Turner joined Louisville's 2022 class as a receiver and was the third-best candidate at that position. He was only 170 pounds and 5 feet 8 inches tall, which at the FBS level doesn't exactly scream receiving danger. He simply lacked the standard receiver size, which allowed for a shift in position.


Turner was moved by Scott Satterfield into the relatively cramped space so he could rush back and assist. He made a difference right away.


With 314 yards gained on 65 rushes and 12 receptions for 72 yards, Turner finished fourth on the team. Almost 400 total offensive yards as a freshman? Not bad at all. Also, he has demonstrated that he is capable of making plays in the passing game because he was born with receiver abilities.


Due to the departure of Tiyon Evans, Turner now has the opportunity to replace Jawhar Jordan as the RB1 in 2023 and maybe enjoy a breakthrough season.

5.0 / 6

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