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Top 5 teams with the worst salary cap situation for 2024/2025 NFL season

Top 5 teams with the worst salary cap situation for 2024/2025 NFL season

Top 5 teams with the worst salary cap situation for 2024/2025 NFL season


Whether it was a successful year for any NFL team—even those who are still in the standings—the future is full of possibilities. Every club that is eliminated from the Super Bowl has an opportunity to improve and move one step closer to the title.


#5. Denver Broncos

The Russell Wilson era has not been easy for the Denver Broncos. They are now way over the cap ($27 million) yet have nothing to show for it as a result.

They are likely to cut bait and move on from Wilson this offseason, albeit it won't be a clean or easy divorce and it won't solve all the salary cap problems. That could spark a little rebuild, but with little to no cap room, don't expect it to happen quickly.


#4. Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills, in contrast to the majority of the other clubs on this list, are legitimate contenders nearly every year. Although their cap situation is challenging, they have a strong roster as a result.

Josh Allen is one of the NFL's top quarterbacks, which explains why he costs so much. It's hardly the end of the world for Buffalo to be $53 million over the cap because they make the playoffs and often make runs most years.


#3. Los Angeles Chargers

The Los Angeles Chargers are signed to a number of large contracts. The following players are not inexpensive: Derwin James, Keenan Allen, Justin Herbert, Khalil Mack, and Joey Bosa.

Although most of them are older, they are all rather good, but this hasn't made them a serious contender just yet. The squad may be cleared off with a new head coach, but right now they are projected to be roughly $55 million above the cap.


#2. Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins finished with an 11-2 record and qualified for the playoffs despite not winning the division as easily as they could have. Regretfully, that might be their limit. Things don't seem good with the NFL's second-worst cap predicament. Tyreek Hill is pricey.

So is Jalen Ramsey. Xavien Howard and Bradley Chubb are as well. They would be in even worse shape financially ($59 million above the cap) if they choose to prolong Tua Tagovailoa, which would be extremely costly.

#1. New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints are the worst team in the league right now. It is estimated that they will exceed the cap by an astounding $88 million. It will take some extremely creative thinking to add anyone to this roster because they are so far above the cap.

Although several large contracts are in place, such as those with Alvin Kamara, Michael Thomas, Cameron Jordan, and Marshon Lattimore, Derek Carr's $150 million contract is probably the worst of them all. Because to their spending, they have a stagnant team that isn't very good.

5.0 / 6

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