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Top 5 Russell Wilson landing spots in 2024

Top 5 Russell Wilson landing spots in 2024

Top 5 Russell Wilson landing spots in 2024


The Denver Broncos effectively sent a message to the rest of the NFL by benching Russell Wilson in favor of Jarrett Stidham, suggesting that the once-franchise quarterback would likely be sold or dismissed in the 2024 offseason. George Paton, the general manager of the Broncos, will inevitably make every effort to trade Wilson before letting go of the former Super Bowl quarterback.

The top five landing destinations for Russell Wilson in 2024 are discussed here.


#5. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been using former first-round selection Kenny Pickett for two years and 24 starts, but they still don't know what they have in him. Although Pickett has occasionally demonstrated his ability as a quarterback, we haven't seen many indications that he is a great one.

Due in part to Pittsburgh's offensive woes, Mason Rudolph was able to demonstrate why he should be the starting quarterback for the Steelers. But the Steelers might need to think about alternative choices after losing to Buffalo in the playoffs.


#4. New England Patriots

Since the New England Patriots currently own the third overall pick, most NFL mock drafts project Jayden Daniels of LSU as the team's first choice at quarterback. There are a few distinct scenarios that might spark interest in Russell Wilson, even if the Patriots may very well prioritize selecting a potential franchise quarterback of the future in the 2024 NFL Draft.


However, it's also possible that the Patriots decide to take a chance on Daniels and still get a veteran like Wilson, who can aid in the development of their rookie quarterback. A driven Patriots team should be firing on all cylinders in 2024 if Wilson and New England are willing to place a wager on one another.


#3. Minnesota Vikings

It's likely that Kirk Cousins, a quarterback for the Pro Bowl, will sign a new deal with the Minnesota Vikings that will get him closer to his dream of retiring in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. It's not a given that they will sign Cousins again given their cap position.


That being said, the Vikings won't start a rebuilding project right now with Justin Jefferson on the roster. They will still want to win now, and the Vikings might be the ideal destination for Russell Wilson, even if they can still add a long-term answer through the draft.


Not only would Wilson gain from Kevin O'Connell's strategies producing favorable circumstances, but he would also have access to one of the league's top pass-catching corps in Minnesota. Not to mention that both of the offensive tackles are signed through at least 2025, giving the Vikings a strong offensive line. Put simply, Wilson won't find a better setting than the Vikings if he wants to compete immediately.


#2. Atlanta Falcons

Arthur Smith collaborated with Matt Ryan, Marcus Mariota, Taylor Heinicke, and Desmond Ridder to lead the Atlanta Falcons to three seven-win seasons. Are you shocked that the Falcons' motley crew of quarterbacks couldn't produce results?

However, the Falcons have added an offensive weapon every year through the draft; Bijan Robinson was most recently added, after Drake London and Kyle Pitts. For any quarterback considering his next team, the Falcons' roster of skill position players is appealing. Playing in Mercedes-Benz Stadium's climate-controlled environment should only make Wilson, 35, more reliable—at least when he's at home.


Furthermore, the objective will be to win right away—not after a year or two—after bringing on Raheem Morris. The Falcons will be competitive from the moment Wilson lands in Atlanta thanks to his addition. In addition, the Falcons' eighth-round selection may put them just outside of the window for a top NFL Draft quarterback prospect, thus Wilson's addition may be their best bet as a veteran.


#1. Las Vegas Raiders


The Denver Broncos would never transfer a former franchise quarterback to their division rivals, thus this scenario could only occur if they released Russell Wilson. The Raiders are my top choice to sign Wilson, a nine-time Pro Bowl quarterback who undoubtedly has a big grudge after being cut by Seattle and Denver, should he become a free agent.

Wilson would be extremely motivated to get retribution if he had the opportunity to play twice a year against the team who rejected him. Ultimately, Wilson demonstrated his potential as an above-average, occasionally exceptional quarterback during the 2023 season, and the Raiders might be the NFL's most quarterback-dependent team. We are also starting to become really excited about the prospect of Tom Telesco and the Los Angeles Chargers working together in Vegas now that he has been hired by a different division foe.


Davante Adams, who is itching to return to the postseason after making it to the postseason six times in his eight years in Green Bay, would be incensed by Wilson's arrival. He hasn't yet had the same kind of success in Vegas, though. Although the Raiders may not think adding a quarterback like Wilson is the best long-term solution, given the alternatives, he might be the best option

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