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Top 5 most disappointing NFL teams in the 2023 season

Top 5 most disappointing NFL teams in the 2023 season

Top 5 most disappointing NFL teams in the 2023 season


Let's examine a few teams whose fan groups are definitely feeling a degree of disappointment they did not anticipate as they enter the winter.


#5. New York Jets

It's no secret, in my opinion, that one of the league's biggest disappointments of the 2023 season was the New York Jets. And I'm sure this will irk Jets fans because Aaron Rodgers' injury truly set the team's course, even though they managed to win seven games in the end.

However, the Jets' offensive ineptitude might have been remedied throughout the season, and they still had a chance to qualify for the postseason.


#4. Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys had an incredible 2023 regular season, winning 12 games and, at times, giving the impression that they were among the league's most powerful teams. Even the most ardent critics of the Cowboys were left wondering whether things would be any different this season after the team's late-season victories over the Eagles, Seahawks, and Lions.


Dallas' 2023 regular season was not dismal overall, but their total and utter collapse against the Green Bay Packers in the playoffs ranks among the NFL's most disappointing performances.


But Dallas's loss in this home playoff game wasn't the only one. On their own home pitch, they were given a dog walk. It was terrible. There are serious doubts about the Cowboys' future after the Packers came in and completely destroyed them.


#3. Carolina Panthers

The Panthers appeared to have taken every necessary step to encircle and assist a young quarterback, and they appeared to have made the most informed choice over the player to select.

Ultimately, though, Bryce Young failed during his rookie season and Frank Reich was fired halfway through the season. Due to injuries, the team was unable to mount an offensive campaign.


#2. Philadelphia Eagles

Who knew how important the Philadelphia Eagles' offseason losses in 2023 would turn out to be?

In addition to the players the Eagles lost, I believe we can identify two clear coaching losses that were ultimately the primary factor in the team's collapse in 2023


After seven games, the Eagles finished the season with a 1-6 record, which included a disappointing playoff loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Eagles are one of the biggest disappointments of 2023 because they haven't been able to play at the same caliber as they did the previous season.

#1. Jacksonville Jaguars

The 2023 season was a distant memory for the Jaguars. After their incredible growth the previous season, which included a playoff victory against the Los Angeles Chargers, they disappointed all of the NFL world's supporters.


Though the Jaguars' fall in 2023 was a severe setback, there is still hope for the team. In order to improve that side of the ball in 2024, this squad will need to hire a new defensive coordinator. This squad can recover if Trevor Lawrence stays healthy, but to start 8-3 and miss the playoffs? The Jaguars disappointed me greatly.

5.0 / 6

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