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Top 3 Landing Spots for Baker Mayfield in Free Agency

Top 3 Landing Spots for Baker Mayfield in Free Agency

Top 3 Landing Spots for Baker Mayfield in Free Agency


Before the 2023 NFL season, not much was anticipated of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but they surprised everyone by winning their division and moving on to the Divisional Round. They succeeded in doing so with Baker Mayfield behind center, who is about to enter the free agent market following a season in which he amassed 4,044 yards and 28 touchdowns. Even at 28, Mayfield demonstrated his ability to guide a team, and a few teams ought to consider signing him as a free agent.


#3. Seattle Seahawks

For the Seahawks, Geno Smith was adequate, but it's evident how good he can be—especially considering how many wide-open receivers he passed up. Although the Seahawks are currently unable to select a top quarterback prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft, they may attempt to sign Mayfield. As previously mentioned, DK Metcalf would flourish downfield with Mayfield's playing style, while Jaxon Smith-Njigba would be thrown to accurately across the center of the field. Additionally, he relieves the Seahawks of the burden of forcing a quarterback into the starting lineup, allowing them to perhaps concentrate on developing one. 


#2. Minnesota Vikings

Kirk Cousins is set to become a free agent and the Vikings will soon have him available. It remains to be seen now if they want to take a chance on him recovering from his injury and performing at his previous level. Mayfield is a fit if they don't want to rely on year-end results from a quarterback who was participating in the playoffs and won't have the opportunity to get adjusted and shake off the rust. Not to mention, he would be perfect for Justin Jefferson and Kevin O'Connell's offense because of his ability to run the RPO game and pass downfield.


#1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

At the very top are the Buccaneers. With Tom Brady's retirement, there was some doubt at quarterback until Mayfield entered the game and addressed any queries. Mayfield was the one who lit a spark inside the team, and the group came together to support him. Regaining Mayfield is the best course of action, and it frees up the Bucs to focus on selecting a quarterback in the draft who will develop in the future rather than feeling compelled to start him right away.

5.0 / 6

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