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Las Vegas Raiders: 5 Best options at quarterback in 2023

Las Vegas Raiders: 5 Best options at quarterback in 2023

Las Vegas Raiders: 5 Best options at quarterback in 2023

After nine seasons together, the Las Vegas Raiders and Derek Carr are divorcing.
Regarding Carr as a person and a player, there are a lot of positive things to say. The entire Raider Nation is appreciative of all the time and work he has invested.


It's difficult to envision Josh McDaniels and Dave Ziegler letting go of quarterback Derek Carr without already having a replacement in mind. The Las Vegas Raiders' owner, Mark Davis, has stated that McDaniels and Ziegler's positions are secure through the 2023 season, but that there is little space for mistake after that.


This is a list of all the possibilities that I believe are worth discussing, ordered in order of likelihood.

#5. Bryce Young, Alabama Crimson Tide

  • 2022 College Stats
  • Passing 64.5% 3,328 YDs 32 TDs 5 INTs
  • Rushing 49 ATT 185 YDs 4 TDs


Young, a quarterback out of Alabama, is widely regarded as the finest overall QB in the 2023 Draft class. To acquire Bryce Young for the Raiders would be quite expensive. The Raiders could move up six spots to the top overall pick and choose him if they were prepared to make several first-round pick trades.


According to reports, the Chicago Bears, who now own that pick, will try their hardest to trade it back. The Bears desperately need defensive reinforcements, but they can afford to wait and allow the defensive players come to them since there are several highly talented defensive prospects emerging this year and clubs ready to trade up for quarterbacks.

#4. CJ Stroud, Ohio State Buckeyes

  • 2022 College Stats
  • Passing 66.3% 3,688 YDs 41 TDs 6 INTs
  • Rushing 47 ATT 108 YDs


Stroud is either directly above Bryce Young or barely behind him. While there are so many outstanding players that come to mind when you think of Ohio State prospects, Stroud is unquestionably the best Ohio State quarterback in recent memory.


Stroud's flaw is that he occasionally needs to run and use his legs more, but when it comes to arm talent, he is nearly unbeatable. Stroud could swiftly get to the top of the NFL with the appropriate coaching staff and organization. Stroud won't be available for the Raiders at selection number 7, though.


The Raiders would then have to move up once more. The Raiders move up to the third pick in order to bypass the competition and choose Stroud. Alternately, the Raiders could move up to the Bears and still choose Stroud because they think he is the best prospect available.

#3. Jarrett Stidham, Las Vegas Raiders

  • 2022 Stats
  • Passing 63.9% 656 YDs 4 TDs 3 INTs
  • Rushing 14 ATT 84 YDs


Jarrett Stidham came in for Carr, who was benched for the final two games of the season, and many fans were baffled by the decision. In a game he performed particularly well in, Jarrett was able to assist the Raiders in forcing overtime against the San Francisco 49ers.


Stidham threw two interceptions, and ultimately The Raiders lost. The Raiders' second and last game under Stidham went somewhat differently since the Chiefs had complete offensive freedom and the Raiders were unable to keep up.


Stidham is a career backup and doesn't have the arm strength to be a great quarterback, but if the Raiders want to maintain a well-known player in the team, Stidham might be the right choice.

#2. Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco 49ers

  • 2022 Stats
  • Passing 67.2% 2,437 YDs 16 TDs 4 INTs
  • Rushing 23 ATT 33 YDs 2 TDs


Brock Purdy has taken over for injured quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo in San Francisco. There is no way Jimmy will still be a 49er for the upcoming season given the recent explosion of Purdy and the 49ers' selection of Trey Lance last year.


Given that Josh McDaniels and Garoppolo were coworkers in New England, there is a chance that the Raiders are considering signing the seasoned quarterback.


Spend the extra budget on defense and surround Garoppolo with a strong team. It might be dull, but this is a team game, and it's no secret the Raiders could need a lot of help on defense. This is probably the safest move on the list.

#1. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

Thus it stands to reason that Rodgers going to the Raiders is a great move. Davante Adams, a close buddy and former pass catcher, is already a member of the silver and black. Rodgers adores the way of life in Las Vegas. The Raiders' defense will improve with wise cap usage and the draft this offseason.


What better way to defeat Kansas City than to sign a three-time MVP? It's no secret that the Raiders are pursuing Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. Rodgers is 39 years old, but among the alternatives, he is the best pick.


For the other 31 NFL teams, Rodgers in a Josh McDaniels system with Davante Adams, Josh Jacobs, Darren Waller, and Hunter Renfrow is a terrifying sight.

5.0 / 6

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