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Las Vegas Raiders: 3 best players who need to improve in 2023 NFL Season

Las Vegas Raiders: 3 best players who need to improve in 2023 NFL Season

Las Vegas Raiders: 3 best players who need to improve in 2023 NFL Season

The Las Vegas Raiders struggled throughout the 2022 NFL season, and here we look at free key players who need to improve a lot in 2023, a year of some sleeper Super Bowl hype. The additions of Davante Adams and Chandler Jones were supposed to propel the team to the top, but instead, a 10-7 2021 team became a 6-11 2022 team and missed the playoffs. Here we look at four key players' contracts for 2023 who need to improve. 


Las Vegas Raiders: 3 key players who need to improve in 2023

#1 Andre James, Center

Overall, the Raiders' offensive line struggled with injuries and inconsistent play last season. One constant was the center position as Andre James started 15 games and at times seemed to be taking a big step forward in his development.

However, also had some bad moments, and in the end, Pro Football Focus ranked him 23rd overall in the NFL. While PFF has been wrong on many occasions, the truth is James is entering his third season as a full-time starter and needs to improve in 2023 with a new quarterback at the center.

#2 Tre’Von Moehrig, Safety

Few Raiders went into the 2022 NFL season with more hype than Tre’Von Moehrig, the 2021 second-round pick who thrived as a rookie in 2022. Unfortunately, Moehrig was another in a long line of Raiders young players who fell victim to the second-year slump and has some real question marks going into the 2023 campaign.


For the Raiders to succeed in the AFC West, they have to get better play from their defense next season, and some of that pressure falls on Moehrig entering Year 3. The AFC West boasts some of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL, and the hope was that Moehrig would lead a rebirth in the secondary in 2022, and beyond. 


The Raiders have a lot of questions on defense entering 2022, and the secondary is at the forefront of their issues. If Moehrig struggles next season, he could be another promising young safety to be shown the door without ever reaching his full potential.

#3 Bilal Nichols, Defensive tackle

One of the key signings David Ziegler acquired this offseason in his first term as general manager was former Chicago Bears defensive tackle Bilal Nichols. Known for his strong play on the run and for putting pressure on quarterbacks, he should play a key role in the center of Patrick Graham's defense.


Nichols showed unimaginable confidence, appearing in all 17 games and playing his snap on mature defense, but Nichols was unable to make a big impact in his first year with the Raiders. In fact, he had the smallest sacks of his career, amassing 16 tackles and nearly missing a positional group that demanded someone pin them down.


With aggressors looking to overhaul the entire group for this position, Nichols could very well be the reason for the paycap this coming offseason. He was hired as part of the long-term results, and I'm sure he'll get another chance in 2023, but he needs to get better.  

5.0 / 6

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