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5 Chicago Bears free agents most likely to sign new contracts

5 Chicago Bears free agents most likely to sign new contracts

5 Chicago Bears free agents most likely to sign new contracts

This off-season, the Chicago Bears will have a lot of choices to make. Despite having a ton of cap room, they must fill every position on the roster, and as of now, not many of them are filled. Players will return even though fans would like to start over and dump everyone.


Which free agents from the Chicago Bears are most likely to join the group they were a part of in 2022?

Nicholas Morrow, Linebacker

Many players may be blamed for the team's defensive shortcomings, but Nicholas Morrow is not one of them. It is uncertain whether Morrow will be able to help them escape this predicament on his own or if the squad will be able to upgrade from him.


Morrow played every snap this season with the exception of one, which is remarkable given all the activity going on around him. He had the green dot, lost it, got it back, and it had no effect on his performance on the field.


Morrow probably feels a sense of loyalty toward the group that gave him a chance and will support him as a starter in year two. In addition, he won't be paid excessively much money or be in a bidding war.

Armon Watts, Defensive Tackle

After the Minnesota Vikings released Armon Watts in August, the Chicago Bears picked him up off of waivers. There weren't many expectations because of the date of his signing and the fact that he was a peripheral roster member.


Even so, Armon Watts outperformed them. By the end of the first quarter of the season, he was in the starting lineup. Watts had his ups and downs, and nobody is claiming that he is a hero, but he managed to keep things under control and shown that he is a fantastic scheme fit.


In contrast to the first or second person, which he was far too frequently this season, this would be much better for him. Watts might be playing his finest football on a limited basis and as a substitute for a player who is more athletic.

Mike Pennel Jr., Defensive Tackle

The only guy on the roster with actual experience as a nose tackle was Mike Pennel. He wasn't spectacular, but he was adequate for the job. The truth is that having a backup nose tackle would be excellent, and Pennel demonstrated his suitability for the position.


He can enter the play, plant his feet, and defend the run in some goal-line situations or heavy sets. He is the kind of depth option the Chicago Bears may need if larger names are around him.


If you bring back Mike Pennel, they will require four or five linemen. He will be the least expensive and offer the most value for the money of all the lineman. It wouldn't be a bad idea to extend his low wage.

Trevon Wesco, Tight End

The Chicago Bears also claim Trevon Wesco off of waivers. On the final cutdown day, he was let go by the New York Jets. Yet, he progressed from being far behind to overtaking current players on the depth chart, much like Armon Watts.


Prior to playing Trevon Wesco instead of Ryan Griffin, the squad had to wait around three weeks. Wesco ended up being injured at the conclusion of the season, but he was still a reliable second tight end. Because it gave Cole Kmet so many more opportunities in the passing game, his ability to block was a low-key wonderful asset to the squad.


Wesco is undoubtedly one of the guys who has a better chance of returning to the Chicago Bears than Ryan Griffin, who is the least likely to do so. The Bears need to acquire two or three additional tight ends, so keeping Wesco would help fill one of their roster gaps.

Khari Blasingame, Fullback

While some supporters felt that Khari Blasingame should have been getting more playing time, he did tie his career high with 174 snaps this season. The question now is if any other teams would wish to hire Blasingame now that the Chicago Bears clearly liked what they saw from him.


To persuade defenders to divulge their strategies, Luke Getsy prefers to use motion and line up a fullback like Blasingame in the slot. He undoubtedly contributes to the offense's historically successful running of the football. Although Blasingame led as a run blocker, Justin Fields was still a crucial player.


The Bears want him back but will not spend too much for him. Blasingame would only not come back if another club offered to pay him. Although it seems improbable, fullbacks are now more valuable and needed than before. 

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