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5 Best Team Fits for Free Agent Derek Carr

5 Best Team Fits for Free Agent Derek Carr

5 Best Team Fits for Free Agent Derek Carr

Derek Carr, formerly of the Las Vegas Raiders, is currently a free agent. Although Derek Fisher isn't a superstar, he is still a starting-caliber passer, and in a league where the quarterback has never been more crucial, he should not face a shortage of suitors.


#1. New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints and Derek Carr seem like an obvious match, by far the most likely prospects. Tom Pelissero of NFL Network claims that the Saints and Raiders had had the groundwork in place for a deal including Derek Carr, but they were at a loss as to how to handle his salary. The Saints would have needed to make some major changes to fit Carr's contract on the books given that they are far above the salary cap.


The organisation can design the quarterback's contract in a way that will result in a low cap figure now that he is a free agency. Since the Saints have no realistic chance of landing a top quarterback in the NFL Draft, signing the top free agent available makes total sense.


#2. Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers should be right there with the Saints when it comes to NFC South teams who could use a quarterback. Now that they have Frank Reich and Josh McCown on the coaching staff, Carolina is apparently carrying out their due diligence, according to Chris Mortenson of ESPN. Reich worked with older quarterbacks for the most of his career in Indianapolis, so that pattern might continue in Carolina. Nevertheless, the Colts never had a top-10 pick, which is the main reason Reich turned to veteran quarterbacks. With the ninth overall pick in the current draft, the Panthers could benefit most from investing in a quarterback who is younger and has a higher potential.


#3. New York Jets

The New York Jets seem to be betting everything on Aaron Rodgers, but if he decides to hang up his cleats following his descent into madness, Derek Carr is unquestionably the finest alternative still available. The young, talented defense and outstanding wide receiver tandem of Garrett Wilson and Elijah Moore are the highlights of New York's excellent roster. Despite Zach Wilson's subpar play hurting the club at every turn, this group came close to making the playoffs, and it stands to reason that they could make a respectable playoff run if they acquired a starting-caliber quarterback like Carr. Next season's AFC East should be a battleground with or without Carr, thus the Jets will require a capable quarterback to contend with the Bills, Dolphins, Patriots and Eagles.


#4. Atlanta Falcons

The NFC South needs quarterbacks for every team. The Falcons will probably want to go for Carr even if reports claim that the Buccaneers will choose for a starter who is less expensive. If money is the only consideration, then Carr might end up here because the organization has the cap capacity to outbid everyone for his services. Carr would undoubtedly want to spend his final years of his career playing for a team that has a greater chance of turning things around in the following few years, but the roster is a complete wreck. The Falcons, while having a 7-10 record, require assistance at almost every position.


However, the Falcons would probably be better suited investing their early draft pick on a quarterback than sticking with Carr, a serviceable but not outstanding option, much like the Panthers did.


#5. Washington Commanders

The Washington Commanders are in a challenging circumstance. They aren't good enough to be genuine contenders at 8-8-1, but they are also not awful enough to be selected first overall in the NFL Draft. They will likely have to settle for a veteran quarterback once more as a result of this bad mix, and Carr is by far the best one available. It shouldn't take much to get this squad into the postseason picture the following season because they have quality and a good coach.

5.0 / 6

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