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5 best players that the Arizona Cardinals will re-sign in 2023

5 best players that the Arizona Cardinals will re-sign in 2023

5 best players that the Arizona Cardinals will re-sign in 2023

The Arizona Cardinals will lose some players, but they will also have players signed through 2023. 


When you have completed 4-13, you will have replaced many of your items. And if he goes 4-13, fire his coach, and sees his GM on leave, he'll make further changes to fit the image of the incoming regime. 

But the HC Kliff Kingsbury and GM Steve Keim mode has pick up some interesting players over its four seasons and those players deserve a return to the Cardinals. Here are five of them.

#1. Zach Allen, Defensive End

If the Arizona Cardinals only keep one player, it should be defensive end Zach Allen. Allen has improved with each passing season, finishing 2022 with 5.0 sacks in 13 games, 47 tackles, 10 tackles for loss, and 19 quarterback hits. He also deflected 10 passes, trailing only the rising Marco Wilson.

While he isn't a spectacular player and probably never will be, Allen has established himself as a long-term starter in the NFL. Of course, he has limitations, as he has yet to play an entire season without being injured, and he has only appeared in 45 of a possible 66 regular season games.

Aside from his injury history, Allen has been around long enough to become a fixture.

#2. Byron Murphy, Cornerback

Murphy has been the Arizona Cardinal's best corner since Patrick Peterson left, compiling four interceptions and sixteen passes defensed in that span.
While he struggled last season, he also played with injuries that ultimately sidelined him after just nine games.


To gain a more accurate picture of what Murphy represents, let’s check out his advanced statistics from 2021. In the 2022 season, he logged four picks for 98 yards, including one pick six that helped the Cardinals avoid a massive upset in Jacksonville. He also allowed just an 87.3 passer rating.


His 2022 numbers, weren’t terrible either, allowing just 6.0 yards per target, and 9.4 yards per completion. He also ultimately led the Cardinals to a big win in Week 2 over the Las Vegas Raiders, returning a Hunter Renfrow fumble for a game-winning touchdown.

#3. Antonio Hamilton, Cornerback

Hamilton will be 30 when the Arizona Cardinals take the field come September, but he would provide excellent depth at what has been a thin position group over the past three seasons. Even if the Cardinals draft a cornerback on Draft in April, keeping Hamilton around still makes sense to be either the nickel or if a prospective rookie is ready, a dime back. 


He saw action in just 10 games this past season, recording his first career interception and deflecting five passes. Even more impressive is the fact Hamilton allowed a max of 6. 3 yards per target over the past two seasons, and no more than 9. 5 yards per catch. 


Hamilton allowed just two touchdowns since 2021, and no higher than an 89. 9 quarterback rating in that span. Overall, he may be an older player whose re-signing may look counterintuitive, but Hamilton has proven himself to be a sound puzzle piece in the desert.

#4. Greg Dortch, Wide Receiver

No one in this list inspired extra than Greg Dortch, and the 5’7 speedster proved his well worth with fifty two catches on sixty four goals. He additionally amassed 467 receiving yards and  touchdowns whilst playing in just 45% of all offensive snaps.


Had former head train Kliff Kingsbury been a smarter guy, he could have never slashed Dortch’s gambling time in prefer of Rondale Moore, who once again found himself inside the instructor’s room greater frequently than the field. Given his sturdy season and the fact DeAndre Hopkins may work someplace else, expect the Arizona Cardinals to prioritize re-signing Dortch.


Along with Marquise Brown and Moore if he’s healthy, the Cardinals may be going into 2023 with some smallish receivers. But all 3, even a healthy Moore, have shown that they may be an effective trio. Expect the Cardinals to try to maintain this band together.

#5. Ben Niemann, Linebacker

With Isaiah Simmons likely to play multiple positions again in 2023, the Arizona Cardinals need a third inside linebacker to rotate alongside Zaven Collins.
Niemann showed he could be that linebacker in 2022, with 70 tackles in 17 games.

Ben Niemann wasn't a flashy player, and many of his stops came from his 4–5 yards in the downfield but pros, according to his football references, his failed tackle rate was his was 0.0%.

A surefire attacker is what the Cardinals need in his 2023 as they try to adapt to possible system changes, and Niemann could be that person.


It remains to be seen if the Arizona Cardinals will keep these five of his, but there is no doubt that Allen and Murphy will be his two main targets.

Dorch is an exclusive free agent and the Cardinals are free to negotiate with him simply by presenting a qualifying offer. Hamilton has good depth and Niemann has good rotation.

5.0 / 6

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