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3 Texas Longhorns' football recruits who can help Arch Manning win it all

3 Texas Longhorns' football recruits who can help Arch Manning win it all

3 Texas Longhorns' football recruits who can help Arch Manning win it all

To salvage the Longhorns, quarterback Arch Manning is bringing additional recruits with him in addition to his mission to revive Texas football.


The nephew of Peyton and Eli Manning is the top player in the 2023 college football recruiting rankings, and while the idea appears to be for him to sit behind Quinn Ewers as a freshman, the expectations for him are sky high. He is an incoming freshman with the arm, athleticism, intelligence, and polish to potentially be one of the greats. He provides the football squad that Longhorns supporters have long yearned for, dating back many decades.


Yet no matter how talented Arch Manning is, he can't do it all by himself to save Texas football. He will surely require assistance. The No. 3 recruiting class for 2023 belongs to Steve Sarkisian and the Texas Longhorns, which is fortunate.


Texas Football: 3 newcomers who'll aid Arch Manning in resurrecting the Longhorns

#3. Malik Muhammad, Cornerback

Malik Muhammad has the potential to completely transform the Texas football defense. The fact that Arch Manning doesn't play on the opposite side of the ball may be the most significant external issue when he takes over the Texas attack.


Actually, Malik Muhammad is not the 2023 class's top recruit on the defensive side of the ball. Anthony Hill, a 5-star linebacker who is now ranked 18th overall, has that distinction. To assist Manning and the offense be as productive as possible coming forward, I believe the Texas secondary will receive more attention.


Muhammad, a native of Dallas, will therefore play a more important role, and he appears to have what it takes to be a standout cornerback. Given his elite athleticism, quickness, and fluid movement abilities, the 4-star prospect, who was ranked No. 45 overall in the class and is listed at 5-foot-11.5 and 175 pounds, has a ton of versatility.

#2. Cedric Baxter Jr., Running Back

Austin has a history of playing run football, where the running back is a key component of the offense. And now, 5-star running back Cedric Baxter Jr. will be anticipated to follow in that illustrious tradition.


In the second-highest class in Florida high school football, a state brimming with talent, Baxter was incredibly productive. As a junior at Edgewater, he averaged 8.3 yards per run and 26 touchdowns on the ground. It's easy to understand why when you observe a kid who is 6-foot-1 and 215 pounds move with such speed and authority.


There is no doubt that the passing offense will be the main focus after Manning replaces Ewers. But whenever there is a strong run game to support it, it really does make the passing game much simpler. Baxter can assist in bringing that to Texas, and what's even better is that he has the potential to contribute in the pass-catching area as well.

#1. Johntay Cook II, Wide Receiver

Every quarterback needs a reliable target, and it looks like Arch Manning may have one in 5-star Johntay Cook II. They should and could become an incredibly strong team that will amass yards, touchdowns, and victories together in the passing game as soon as they both join the Texas football program.


The No. 29 overall recruit from the 2023 class needs to bulk up a bit to fit his 6-foot-1, 175-pound frame, but the tools already in his chest should have Manning and the Longhorns going crazy.


Johntay Cook II has demonstrated his versatility by lining up inside or outside, and he also has a flair for making highlight-reel catches with strong hands. Perhaps more importantly, his speed and quickness help him to gain yards after the catch by either running past defenders or making people miss in tight spaces. With Manning throwing the ball to him, he becomes an even more adaptable weapon that can be used in a variety of ways.


Cook isn't the only incoming wide receiver prospect; Ryan Niblett and DeAndre Moore Jr., both 4-star players, are also there. But Cook offers the most potential.

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