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3 free agents in the offseason 2023, the Cleveland Browns cannot afford to lose.

3 free agents in the offseason 2023, the Cleveland Browns cannot afford to lose.

3 Free Agents Browns Can’t Afford to Lose in 2023

The NFL's free agency period is quickly approaching, and the Browns want to both make improvements and try to keep some of their own free agents.


In addition to looking to upgrade at various positions, Andrew Berry and company will also be on the lookout for some of their own players who are approaching free agency. There will undoubtedly be some upcoming free agents who the team will not want to keep, but there will also be some.


The Browns cannot afford to lose any of these three players in the 2023 offseason.

#3. Ethan Pocic, Center

It's difficult to avoid the conclusion that center Ethan Pocic was the top acquisition of the 2022 free agency season. Pocic was acquired by Andrew Berry as a backup offensive lineman, but early in the preseason, an injury to starter center Nick Harris necessitated Pocic's use.


Pocic stepped up, took over the center position, and played the position exceptionally, earning him a significant sum of money in a matter of weeks. Berry and the Browns will try their best to bring Pocic back, but it might come at a cost that is more than they are willing to bear.


Pocic increased his profile after having a Pro Bowl and All-Pro-like year and is now more likely to land a three- or four-year deal worth roughly $7 million annually. For this reason, Greg Newland of DPD believes that Pocic will probably not be on this roster in 2023.

#2. A.J. Green, Cornerback

The Browns cannot afford to lose A.J. Green in the 2023 summer because of how far he has come from being an undrafted player to a valuable contributor. When his name is called, he has shown that he can handle bigger duties or simply enter the game during rotations and make plays.


Green made 18 tackles (14 of them solo) in 17 games this season. He also hit the quarterback, deflected a ball, and intercepted Joe Burrow on Halloween night in Cleveland. This season, he undoubtedly performed well enough to earn a fourth year on the team.


In the NFL, cornerback depth is essential, and with the Browns, this is even more true. Although there were injuries to the team, the secondary played well overall. Green stepped up and took charge of the situation.


In order to secure additional depth at cornerback, Berry would be prudent to make this inexpensive decision because Green probably won't command a lot of money.

#1. Anthony Walker Jr., Linebacker

When the Browns acquired Anthony Walker, Jr. from the Indianapolis Colts in 2021, they stunned the football community. Cleveland's decision to make this move paid off, as Walker had a standout 2021 season, recording 113 tackles in just 13 games.


He started the previous season strong, carrying over where he left off in 2021, but that success would not last long as he suffered a torn quadriceps tendon in Week 3 against the Steelers, ending his season. Walker wasn't just a talented player for the Browns; he was also a true leader on the defensive side of the game.


As a result, the green dot moved as Walker collapsed. The Browns also appeared to have lost their way at times. As Deshaun Watson's 11-game suspension came to an end, the defense was meant to take the strain. But as we all know, that wasn't the case at all, and things changed after Jim Schwartz and Joe Woods were fired.


If Walker's rehabilitation goes according to plan, he should be fully recovered by April. Berry's decision to bring Walker back will depend on how well that goes.Walker was listed by Pro Football Focus as the free agent that the Browns just cannot afford to lose. Others have realized that he was much more than just a player for this squad, so perhaps Berry will too.

5.0 / 6

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